Tuesday, March 8, 2016

What to do in the canton of Jura

The north-western Canton of Jura has numerous attractions that keep visitors busy and happy: history, outdoor activities, excellent food, - there is something for everyone’s taste. It is the perfect location for unique Switzerland Honeymoon packages!

Visit ancient towns

Delémont, the capital of the canton, is a delightful gem of a city. Packed with galleries, museums, historic buildings it is surrounded by stunning forests and mountains. The city is also home to the Wenger knife factory, the genuine Swiss Army pocketknife. The second largest town in the canton, Porrentruy is dominated by a magnificent historic castle and has many architectural gems, churches and chapels dating centuries back. Another stunning town stepped in history is Saint-Ursanne with its beautiful 12th century collegiate church and pretty streets.

Enjoy the outdoors

The Canton of Jura is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts:  there are many trails for hiking, cycling, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Nature lovers can enjoy exploring the Doubs Regional Park, the Caves of Réclère and centuries-old trees in the canton’s dense forests. Near Châtillon you will find the Chêne des Bosses, one of the oldest oaks in Europe.

Jura Mountains
Learn about the watch-making tradition

The Jura area is where the best Swiss watchmaking tradition lives. Apart from the famous brands located here such as Rolex, Omega, Tissot and Swatch there are many factories where you can see how the Swiss watches are made. There are several fascinating museums dedicated to the history of watchmaking in the region.

Tête de Moine Cheese

Tasting the regional cuisine 

The Jura is home to some delicious traditional food. The exquisite Tête de moine cheese has been made here for almost 900 years. Local craft butchers produce delicately flavoured Saucisse D'Ajoie sausage. The region several vineyards that produce good wine and traditional distilleries that make excellent fruit liquors. In November, the small village of Chevenez celebrates the Feast of St. Martin where visitors can taste a plethora of traditional hearty pork dishes.

Photos via Flickr by: Patrik Tschudin, Pascale Jaquet & Olivier Noaillon, Yves Merckx.

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